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Our production is fully oriented on custom manufacturing, so we are capable to meet requirements of our individual customers in the course of realization of their specific orders. According of the assigned documentation we produce mostly tanks and steel constructions, pipelines and technological complexes or it's components for waste treatment plants, for building industry and for paper, chemical and food industry.



Company workshops are equipped with machines for cutting metal sheets up to 13 mm and 3000 mm width, folding sheets up to 6 mm and 3750 mm width and rolling sheets up to 10 mm and 2500 mm width. Our machinery can also bend sectional steel and tubes of various diameters. We are able to bore holes up to diameter of 30 mm and bigger or more complicated openings to cut with watter beam.
For welding we use methods MMA (111), GTAW (141), GMAW (131, 135), oxyacetylene flame (311) and point resistance welding (21).
We yearly process approximately 60 tons of stainless material and round about 25 tons of AISI 101x steels. Stainless material we use is originally from EU.
Beside of workshop production, installation work represent substantial part of our business. We perform installations and mountings of tanks and constructions, installations of pipeline systems including technological parts and assembling of investment complexes.



We lay strong emphasis on quality and effectiveness of performed works. Whole assembly process is controlled by our technicians. Especial attention we pay to qualification of welders and to quality of welding, which is under control of our own European welding technologist.
Our typical products have been certificated by prestigious certification agencies TÜV SÜD and ITI-TÜV. The company has TÜV SÜD certificate for production of pressureless storage tanks with capacity bigger than 300 liters and ITI-TÜV certificate for installations and repairs of reserved gas devices.

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